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Small batch. Plant powered. 100% Natural.

We produce eco-friendly, sustainable skin care products that not only nourish the skin, but help balance the body, mind and spirit.

Brighten and Uplift

A hero serum for problematic skin yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. Made with natural and organic ingredients to restore and nourish the skin while uplifting the spirit.

Nourishing lip balms

A harmonious blend of infused oils and naturally harvested beeswax will help repair and hydrate the skin’s moisture barrier. This mixture of vitamin-packed oils and creamy, buttery goodness make these balms ultra-smooth and dreamy. They melt into your lips to soften, calm, hydrate and nourish the skin.


Peppermint lip balm


Rose petals lip balm


Wild lavender lip balm

Ellie Lindström


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My Story

When I was 15, I remember whipping up butters in my bedroom for my irritated scalp. My severe case of psoriasis left me with half of my hair, and I was desperately trying to treat what I had left. We didn't have much growing up so I couldn't afford to get expensive ingredients. I started off with only 1 butter, 2 carrier oils and a couple essential oils and made that work for...

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”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”

Mary D. Moreno

Office manager

”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”

Christina Miller


”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”

Doug Quinones

USLA Student

Vel id v fatalis earum dis D hostem nec te quos ab fuga, est mus est. Eodem cum dis publicarum – hac modo capita viscera a pericula risus est nam honorem.”

Lowell Lambert

Local Radio Host


This rose infused face serum is my absolute favorite! I use it every night after a gentle face scrub. It leaves my skin feeling soft & smooth, and the lavender & rose oils are so calming after a long day. The bottle is so pretty, with rosehip and tiny crystals in it, and it was packaged so nicely! Crystal has been working for over a year to perfect her serums and lip balms. She has truly poured her heart and soul into it. You absolutely WILL NOT be disappointed!!
Rachel Goodwin
Face serum
Thank you Crystal Earth Skincare for another lip balm that I totally love! Soft, and gentle, just like a rose petal, this lip balm is absolutely perfect! Leaves my lips so smooth and soft!! Love the packaging so much as well! Looks natural and so pretty! Very impressive!! Thank you for amazing products Crystal Earth Skincare! I would recommend you to all my friends! Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may
Rose Petals lip balm
This is seriously THE best lip balm I have ever used and I’ve used a lot. It softens at the warmth of my lips and goes on like a lotion! It leaves my lips feeling super soft and moist! Thank you Crystal Earth Skincare!!
Rose Petals lip balm
I must say that this serum is ABSOLUTELY the one to go for! I absolutely love it!!❤️ ALL YOU WANT IN A FACE SERUM! 100% NATURAL, carefully and beautifully packaged, and most of all leaves your skin SUPER GLOWING AND SMOOTH! *This makes a great gift as well also, and I believe every lady deserves this luxurious skin treatment! *This is my place for natural products for sure! Thank you Crystal Earth Skincare for amazing products!!
Face Serum
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