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about us

We are a small, family-owned business that produces pure, sustainable skincare of the highest quality. Each and every product we offer is infused with plants and pure love. I have poured my heart into this business and have spent countless hours researching each ingredient, their origin and how they benefit the skin.

Fun Fact: Our workshop is located on a ranch in Leavenworth IN where we also raise Hereford cattle, horses, and Australian Cattle Dogs.

my vision

Encourage releasement and love for one's self through self-care rituals that give back to the earth.

my mission

My mission is to produce eco-conscious, sustainable skincare that helps balance the skin, body, mind and spirit.

my formulas

Every formula is my own! While studying a course in organic skincare formulation, I spent countless hours experimenting with many different butters, oils and herbs. I studied the feel, absorption rates, scents and healing benefits of each ingredient until I produced the perfect formula. 

the process

Each product we make contains a carrier oil that goes through an herbal infusion process. This lasts a minimum of 4-6 weeks before it is strained and ready to use in our formulations.

My Story

When I was 15, I remember whipping up butters in my bedroom for my irritated scalp. My severe case of psoriasis left me with half of my hair, and I was desperately trying to treat what I had left. We didn't have much growing up so I couldn't afford to get expensive ingredients. I started off with only 1 butter, 2 carrier oils and a couple essential oils and made that work for a long time.

Throughout the years of on-going stress, pointless doctor appointments/antibiotics, I started developing severe acne on my face, neck, chest and back. The tension in my body became unreal, along with anxiety, depression and a loneliness I just couldn't explain. I lost all self-worth somewhere along the way. This went well into my late 20s and I finally had enough. I couldn't live the rest of my life bound with chains.

I sought help through physical therapy where I learned to relax my mind and body. Next, I changed my mindset, eating habits and started getting outside every day. But it didn't get better overnight. There were many waves of fear and doubt with a constant, nagging voice saying I wasn't worth it. I lost count of the times I gave up. The tears I cried were uncountable. But no matter how many times I fell on my face, Someone was holding me. Someone gave me just enough strength to keep going. I became so bitter but God never gave up on me.

It was during these years of healing that I created a few skincare products to ease my pain. A desire stirred so strong within me to help others with a similar story. Shortly after, I enrolled in a skincare course that made that dream possible.

It's not just about selling skincare to me. It's about reaching that person and helping them find themselves. It's about helping them find the confidence and freedom I didn't have for nearly 15 years of my life. To help them love themselves when they thought they were unlovable. To help them believe in themselves so they can make a positive change in their lives and others around them

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